“It is disastrous to be a wounded deer.
I’m the most wounded, wolves stalk,
and I have my failures, too.
My flesh is caught on the Inevitable Hook!
As a child I saw many things I did not want to be.
Am I the person I did not want to be?
That talks-to-himself person?
That neighbors-make-fun-of person?
Am I he who, on museum steps, sleeps on his side?
Do I wear the cloth of a man who has failed?
Am I the looney man?
In the great serenade of things,
am I the most cancelled passage?”
— Hello by Gregory Corso
From the collection “Mindfield” (via iamapatientboy)

(via jackkerrouac)

Made a small sketchbook decorated with leaf skeleton


meetmeinthehallway asked:

your art is insane, that is all. (that's definitely meant in a complimentary way by the by)


thank you so much! definitely one of the best compliments for artist (in my opinion)